Retreat Details

Sacred Valley Peru
Wellness Adventure and Tai Chi workshop

Tai Chi, Acupuncture,
Qi Gong, Guided Meditation

High Andes
Sacred Valley 2020
7 Day Retreat
July 25, 2020 – August 2, 2020

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Visit/hike to 3 Inca cities/ waterfall, daily tai chi, qigong and breathwork, tesmescal sweat lodge, clean up the river community day, 1 free day with optional massages and acupuncture

All meals and transportation included.

The Andes mountains are home to many ancient landmarks, breathtaking vistas and several world heritage sites such as Machu Picchu.

(Optional trip to Machu Picchu
not included but arranged)

The Sacred Valley may hold the most healing energy of all places in Peru. It is here, on a stunning piece of mountainside overlooking the Urubamba river, that the storied presence of the Incas can be felt.

At Munay Sonqo retreat center, the cooling fragrance of mint and honey waft from native eucalyptus, acting as a balm for the overworked and weary.

Hovering over the Andes, massive clouds shapeshift, racing each other across an expansive sky crammed with stars.

This immersive retreat is tailored to harmonize body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to disconnect from routine stress and responsibilities to refresh and renew your outlook for the long term. Let Munay Sonqo provide the setting, tools and guidance for practitioners to center and align their physical, mental and spiritual well-being in a harmonious balance. By the end of our time together, participants will be equipped to bring a healthy equivalence back to wherever the next stage of their journey takes them. This is your invitation to stoke your inner fire, reconnect to total health and rekindle the innate power that’s hidden inside of all of us.


In addition to having the whole of Munay Sonqo’s grounds and nearby waterfall to explore, day trips throughout the Sacred Valley complete a well-rounded tour of this unique corner of the world. An invigorating destination hike to ancient Incan ruins and a mending group excursion to ancient and therapeutic natural hot springs will be part of the itinerary during the week.

Counted among one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet, this region offers us an invitation to transform the experience of our lives, and return to presence. Free of modern distractions, this is a time and place carved out for participants to be able to give themselves to the eternal now.


Each morning, warm up the body with invigorating stretching led by host and practitioner Luke Hamilton. Followed by breathing practices to charge us up and increase presence of mind, we will energize and clear out old energies from our bodies together and learn new skills with daily group Tai Chi. We’ll focus on achieving balance in performing these activities to mirror the balance we want to see inside, skillfully flowing between a state of peaceful restoration and one of meaningful challenge.

Should you decide to take complete advantage of the powerful history of this special seat place, you can round out your stay with an optional day trip to Machu Picchu which can be arranged before or after our retreat.

Our offering includes three locally-grown, fresh, organic and vegetarian meals prepared on-site by Munay Sonqo’s native Peruvian chef. Transportation to Munay Sonqo from the airport at no additional cost.

To deepen healing, guests are invited to book an acupuncture session with Luke Hamilton. Luke is also available during the entirety of your stay for lessons and private consultations.

Join me and together we’ll retune with the earth and our essential selves.

– Luke Hamilton

Daily Treks
Explore Sacred Incan Cities
Morning Tai Chi
Andean Despacho Ceremony
Tesmescal Sweat Lodge
Community Day
Optional Massage and Acupuncture